Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Harness the powerful combination of pressure, temperature, and speed as tiny steam particles force their way into and clean even the hardest to reach places. The following are just a few examples of the limitless uses of steam cleaning.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Vapamore Steam Cleaners produce steam with an output temperature between 200 – 210 degrees killing off harmful bacteria and allergens without the use of chemicals.

Whole House Clean

Steam provides a powerful, deep clean for the entire home. From the kitchen, bathroom, garage, backyard BBQ grill, & more, discover the benefits and versatility of steam cleaning.

Eliminates Bedbugs & Their Eggs

Steam is an advantageous method for killing allergens, bedbugs, and their eggs without the use of harsh chemicals, or leaving behind any residue.

Auto Clean & Detailing

Love the fresh new car feeling from steam cleaning your vehicle. Steam clean your interior, wheels, rims, motor, and more. Perfect for using at home or automotive business.

Disinfect & Deodorize

Tackle all of your household cleaning with the power of steam. Vapamore steam cleaners remove dirt, allergens, bacteria, and viruses upon contact leaving clean, residue-free surfaces. Areas of household application include the following.

Indoor: Ovens, grills, appliances, sinks, faucets, showers, toilets, mirrors, baby toys, pet toys, carpet stains, upholstery, grout, defrosting freezers, windows, hard surface floors such as wood, tile, stone, and vinyl.

Outdoor: BBQ's, patio furniture, garage floors, windows, automotive, motorcycle, RV, boat, and small ATV recreation vehicles.

Top rated household Vapamore.

Additional Benefits of Steam
Air Conditioning & Heating

Sanitize and clean refrigeration equipment and HVAC coils. Eliminate dust, dander, and pollutants in air conditioning ducts and vents. 

Construction Sites

Remove wallpaper, vinyl, and paper stickers. Fire clean up, stain removal, graffiti, ink, general site cleaning, and equipment cleaning.

Flood & Fire Restoration

All over site cleaning includes the treatment of mold, mildew removal, eliminating stains, and general equipment cleaning.

Hospitality & Commercial Kitchens

Clean ovens, cook surfaces, cutting boards, exhaust hood filters, grills, defrost freezers, sanitize, and degreasing equipment. Carpet freshening, stain removal, odor control, sanitize bathrooms, floors, walls, furniture, air vents, and more.

Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, & RV

Interior stain removal and deodorizer. Exterior wheels, brake dust, engine compartment, grease removal, parts cleaning, flushing, and more.

Pest Control / Bedbugs

Eliminate allergens, bedbugs, dust mites, and their eggs upon contact. Chemical-free and safe. See the bed bug videos and treatment pages for details and use.

Grout Cleaning

Cleans grout lines on tile, stone floors, and showers enclosures.

Allergy Control

Kill allergens such as dust mites, spores, mold, and mildew, chemical-free.

Gum Removal

Steam away gum on sidewalks, elevators, escalators, tile, cement floors, and more.

Pet Care at Home

Chemical-free cleaning of pet cages, bedding, crates, toys, and surfaces so that pets wont ingest chemical cleaners from surfaces or their paws.

Animal Care Facilities

Chemical-free and environmentally safe cleaning of pet pens, crates, cages, veterinarian offices, and more.

Sporting Goods

Bikes, ATV’s, motorcycles, riding gear, golf clubs, work out equipment and any sporting gear.

Hospitals & Care Facilities

Sanitize bathrooms fixtures, showers, floors, furniture, drapery, handrails, air vents, wheelchairs, bedding, equipment, food trays, and carts. Eliminate bedbugs, dust mites, allergens, bacteria, and more. 

Food Processing

Blenders, ovens, grills, tables, cutting boards, exhaust hood filters, floors, walls, defrost freezers, sanitize, degrease, and equipment maintenance. 


Steam clean rings, chains, watches and other jewelry.